Fall 2017 SEEK Group Descriptions

Women’s Bible Studies

DOB: 7/4/1776-10/15/1997

1st Hour

1 Peter

Come dig deeper into 1 Peter and discover our inheritance in Christ which is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading. We will follow a verse-by-verse approach and read the book in its entirety throughout each week of the study. Key themes include humility, submission, and identity in Christ.

Leader: Judith Howard

Class Style: Leader guided but class discussion and personal application are encouraged.

Homework: To faithfully read the Bible assignment, the assigned chapter in the book 1 Peter: A Living Hope in Christ by Jen Wilkin, and complete the homework questions each week.

Materials to Bring: Bible, and 1 Peter: A Living Hope in Christ by Jen Wilkin.

Cost: $17

Lamplight: A Study of Romans

Scripture tells us that God's Word is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. You are invited to come into the light of Romans so you can move forward confidently despite any dark paths ahead. There is no extra book for this class; just the Bible. Participants may learn a new method of studying His Word and get to know classmates on a deeper level. They will certainly grow in their intimacy with and knowledge of God.

Leader: Beth Deichler

Class Style: Leader guided with discussion.

Homework: 30min. to 2hrs. depending on your interest and commitment level.

Materials to Bring: A notebook, writing utensils, and a Bible.

Cost: $3

None Like Him: 10 Ways God is Different From Us

God is self-existent, self-sufficient, eternal, immutable, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, sovereign, infinite, and incomprehensible. We are not. And that's a good thing. Our limitations are by design. We were never meant to be God. But at the root of every sin is our rebellious desire to possess attributes that belong to God alone. Calling us to embrace our limits as a means of glorifying God's limitless power, Jen Wilkin invites us to celebrate the freedom that comes when we rest in letting God be God.

Leader: Cassandra Rauscher

Class Style: Discussion based. Participants should come to class prepared to share.

Homework: Approximately 15 pages of reading per week.

Materials to Bring: The book, None Like Him: 10 Ways God is Different From Us (and Why that's a Good Thing), by Jen Wilkin, a Bible, and a writing utensil.

Cost: $3

Seasons of a Mother's Heart

As we read and discuss Seasons Of A Mother's Heart we will gain a better understanding of why we should be homeschooling. Homeschooling is more than educating our children - it's about discipling our children to follow Christ!

Leader: Lynn Custer

Class Style: Lecture format with questions.

Homework: Read one chapter a week and review Thoughts on the Living Word at end of chapter.

Materials to Bring: Seasons Of A Mother's Heart by Sally Clarkson, and notebook.

Cost: $3

What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage

Because marriage always involves two sinners living together in a fallen world, reconciliation must be part of daily life for you and your spouse. Tripp's six practical commitments - including facing failure, being willing to change, and embodying Christ's love - will show you how to grow a thriving grace-based marriage in all circumstances and seasons of your relationship.

Leader: Angela Dupree

Class Style: Leader driven group discussion with some small groups.

Homework: Read assigned chapters each week for discussion.

Materials to Bring: Book, What Did You Expect? by Paul David Tripp (provided the first week of class) and Bible.

Cost: $18

2nd Hour

Age of Opportunity

Did you think the toddler years were challenging? The world tells us the teen years can be difficult, but did you know that they can be wonderful years, too? Come be encouraged and challenged as we look at this relationship and what it can be, in Christ. The Bible equips us for all challenges in our lives. This time is no exception. We, too, as parents must grow in Christ as our children mature. My prayer is that together we will win these youths for Christ!

Leader: Rosita Perkins

Class Style: Discussion based with an emphasis on small groups.

Homework: You are strongly encouraged to read a chapter of the book every week, preferably not the night before:). Answer H.W. questions. Be ready to participate in class. The class will be interactive. It is designed for us to share questions and insights. We will be taking all we study and processing it through the lens of Scripture.

Materials to Bring: Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp, Bible, notebook and writing tools.

Cost: $3

Choosing Forgiveness

Living in a fallen world, we all carry with us the pain of past hurts. So often we believe that the "Christian" thing to do when we, or someone we love, has been wronged is to just move on, keep quiet, and not seek revenge, but God's plan is so much more! He wants us to work through forgiveness so that we can experience a depth of freedom, grace and mercy that is not possible without Him. Join us as we strive to rid our hearts of the chains that keep us from experiencing the abundance Jesus wants for us. We will dive into God's Word to unmask the promises and misconceptions about forgiveness. Let's walk together on the narrow road as we break the power that others' sin has over us and change our marriages, our families, and our futures, all for the Glory of God!

Leader: Michele Morrow

Class Style: Small group focused with discussion facilitated by Leader.

Homework: Read and work through 1-2 chapters per week (approximately 1-2 hrs).

Materials to Bring: Bible, Choosing Forgiveness by Nancy Leigh DeMoss (will be provided), notebook, and writing utensil.

Cost: $23

Disciplines of a Godly Woman

This book study will help us strengthen our day to day walk with God. We will learn the keys to living a truly Godly life. Hopefully, the dread of a disciplined life will be replaced with desire and anticipation as we find that there is no greater purpose than loving Him in every moment, every activity, and every thought. We will see what the Word of God has to say about the disciplines of our soul and character and our relationships and ministry. We will encourage each other as we move along the path of sanctification.

Leader: Kimberly Swingle

Class Style: Leader directed discussion with some lecture.

Homework: There will be weekly reading assignments and questions to answer. Approximately 1 per week.

Materials to Bring: Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes, Bible, and a teachable heart.

Cost: $3

Trusting God

When we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, before long, we begin to doubt God’s concern for us or His control over our lives. We ask, “Why is God allowing this?” or “What have I done wrong?” In an effort to strengthen his own trust in God during a time of adversity, Navigator author Jerry Bridges began a thorough Bible study on the topic of God’s sovereignty. What he learned changed his life, and in Trusting God he shares the fruit of that study. As you explore the scope of God’s power over nations, nature, and even the details of your life, you’ll find yourself trusting Him more completely - even when life hurts.

Leader: Nancy Siedschlag

Class Style: Leader driven group discussion with questions coming from study guide.

Homework: The homework involves reading 1 chapter per week and answering the questions from the study guide at the back of the book.

Materials to Bring: Bible, pen and book, Trusting God by Jerry Bridges (provided on the 1st day).

Cost: $16

What to Think About Instead of Worrying

Each day we struggle to pull our thoughts away from our worries, fears, frustrations, and desires. When we get stuck, it's not exactly easy to fixate on whatever is true, noble, right and pure. We are profoundly aware that our worries have negative consequences for our bodies, minds, and relationships. Mindscape is not a self-help book or an academic tome on behavioral theory. It is a real-world guide to the transformation that Jesus works in us as we go to Him in faith and ask for His power to change, listen, and think differently. This study will help you build a Biblical, practical action plan for filling your mind with new thoughts based on Paul's rich exhortation in Philippians 4:8.

Leader: Heather Hartman

Class Style: Group discussion facilitated by Leader.

Homework: Each week you will be required to read a short chapter and answer 3-6 questions.

Materials to Bring: Bible and writing utensil. The book, Mindscape, by Timothy Z. Witmer, and notebook will be provided.

Cost: $25

Early Elementary Classes  5-7 Years Old

DOB: 9/1/2009-8/31/2012

1st Hour

Adventures in Etiquette

Learning manners can be a fun adventure, especially when we are learning with friends! Lessons in etiquette will be taught through stories, crafts, games, songs, and lots of fun practice! We will learn all about kind greetings, table manners, sharing, apologizing, using polite words, as well as other topics.

Leaders: Elizabeth Ingalls, Laura Jones

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Pencil, crayons, colored pencils/markers, scissors, and glue stick.

Cost: $30

America the Beautiful

Come with us, don’t delay, we’ll explore God’s beauty across the U.S.A.

We’ll read, discuss, map and create                                      

With so many landmarks you’ll be amazed!

The Grand Canyon, Redwoods, and Mt. Rushmore.

That’s just a few, there are SO many more!

Get ready for some memorable activities that will help us see

God’s beautiful creation all over the U.S.A!

Leaders: Sarah Malone, Avery Thomas

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Pencil pouch or pencil box with crayons, glue stick, scissors, and a few pencils. Please bring a white t-shirt that will be tye-dyed.

Cost: $28

Explore the World

Grab your passport and come join us as we travel around the world! We will visit each continent around the globe and learn about different countries by exploring geography, history, local customs, foods, stories and more. Each child will put together a notebook to come home with them at the end of the semester containing all of the interesting facts they’ve learned and the pictures they've drawn along the way.

Leaders: Lauren Williams, Kristin George

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Pencils, crayons or colored pencils, scissors, and glue sticks.

Cost: $19

Fun with Math and More!

Fun with Math...AND MORE is a perfect class for children who love to play board games! Participants will have an opportunity to learn and reinforce basic math skills through board games, movement, music, life sized games, unique math crafts... AND MORE! Skills covered include patterns, graphing, measuring, symmetry...AND MORE! Come play Battleship, Mastermind, Labyrinth, Monopoly Jr., Checkers... AND MORE! Students will design their own board games to take home and keep.

Leaders: Louise Lewis, Vicki Daniel

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Each child will be required to bring one of their favorite board games from home. There will be occasional requests for common household items needed for crafts.

Cost: $43

Science Through Literature

Explore a variety of science topics such as weather, animals, the water cycle and more through the framework of good children's literature. This is a Five In a Row style class with an emphasis on science.

Leaders: Robin Mullin, Michelle McCreery

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Scissors, glue, crayons, pencils, and colored pencils.

Cost: $15

2nd Hour

Art Projects Plus!

In Art Projects Plus we will have an enjoyable time exploring basic art concepts that teach different techniques in various types of media. For example, we might do "pinpricked" art or make a fall collage. We will be using the Abeka Art series as a guide. Your kids will bring home interesting and fun seasonal projects! We will also incorporate music and stories into our class to go along with our projects.

Leaders: Jennifer Hartsoe, Emily Ratliff

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Crayons, colored pencils, scissors, and gluesticks.

Cost: $26

Community Helpers

Come join our class as we explore the different jobs and roles of helpers in our community. We will play games, read books, and do crafts. We will also be joined by guest speakers throughout the semester.

Leaders: Lauren Brady, Becky Rivers

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Colored pencils (or crayons), scissors, and glue.

Cost: $25

P.E. Games & Activities

Let’s have some fun! We will play games and get some exercise at the same time! Students will enjoy activities that encourage balance, coordination, following directions and working together!

Leaders: Andrea Gwinn, Michelle Bell

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Tennis shoes and a water bottle.

Cost: $17

Read Across the South

Hey y'all! Come join us for Read Across the South! We'll explore the southern states by reading different picture books each week. We will also do crafts, listen to music, dance, and play games as we study the geography of each state. We hope to see y'all there!

Leaders: Juli Reece, Amy Woods

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Crayons or colored pencils and a pencil.

Cost: $13

Solar System Fun

The universe declares the Glory of God! We will "travel" through space and discover the awesome way God designed His world. Did you know that Venus rotates in the opposite direction of Earth, or that you would weigh only 15 pounds on Mars? Come explore the planets, moon, sun, stars, and galaxies with us. We will use our minds and our hands to learn all about God's great big universe!

Leaders: Jennifer Dixon, Tiffany Payton

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Glue, scissors, crayons/markers/colored pencils.

Cost: $23

Elementary Classes 8-10 Years Old

DOB: 9/1/2006-8/31/2009

1st Hour

Crafty Kids

Calling all Crafty Kids!!!! Come join us as we work through a different project each week in this creative and fun arts & craft class. We have chosen a wide variety of projects to work on that we hope will appeal to everyone. Roll up your sleeves and come create something special with us!

Leaders: Megan Rainear, Lauryn Griffin

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Scissors, pencil or pen.

Cost: $58

Discovering Great Artists

Join us as we learn about great artists and replicate their different techniques and styles. We’ll use a variety of mediums such as paint, chalk, colored pencils, markers and more. Come ready to get messy and be creative!

Leaders: Jennifer Akins, Elizabeth Behringer

Homework: Minimal (if any) homework outside of class.

Materials to Bring: Scissors, pencil, eraser, box of 24 crayons, art shirt or smock (on weeks when we will be painting).

Cost: $38

NC History for Me

Calling all North Carolina kids who want to learn more about their great state! North Carolina is such a special place to call home. Let's get together and have fun as we learn about our pirates, our explorers, our inventors, our history, our land, our people and the best part: yummy treats made right here. Together we will make a notebook full of fun facts about North Carolina. We will even have a couple local field trips that are not required, but fun. Hope to see you soon in NC History for Me!

Leaders: Tammy Eldredge, Sharmane Meacham

Homework: A short end of semester project that will be about a famous North Carolinian.

Materials to Bring: 1 inch notebook, paper, stick glue, colored pencils, crayons or markers, scissors, and pen.

Cost: $30

P.E. and Health

All children need to exercise and this is a wonderful opportunity for that very thing! How about exercise in the form of fun and games!?! Even better! Games that not only keep their bodies healthy, but also teach them teamwork, hand and eye coordination, following directions and waiting their turn. We will explore a variety of games throughout the semester touching on all of these skills and more. We will also have brief discussions along the way about nutrition, making good food choices, getting along with others and other health-related topics.

Leaders: Renee Welch, Nancy Jurgens

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Water bottle and weather appropriate clothing in the event we go outside.

Cost: $8

Swimming Creatures of Fifth Day

Please join us for an amazing adventure exploring the wondrous swimming creatures that God created on the fifth day. We will be learning about enormous whales to tiny plankton, and many other animals in-between such as seals, sea cows, sharks, rays, crustaceans, cephalopods and more. As we study a different type each week, they will come to life as we watch videos, perform experiments and make a replica which is added to your child’s “Ocean Box”, a miniature hand crafted aquarium for them to take home at the end of the semester.

Leaders: Terry Villee, Lesley Biller

Homework: Worksheets and vocabulary word searches that reinforce what is studied each week.

Materials to Bring: Pencils, colored pencils, glue sticks, and scissors for class. We will provide a binder with handouts. *Note: To optimize your child’s learning experience, we highly encourage purchasing the Apologia Young Explorer Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day.

Cost: $38

2nd Hour

Aloha Friends

Get ready to cross the sea and experience all things Hawaii! We plan to taste-test and explore our way around this beautiful, tropical island by honing our map skills and geography facts. Rich with marine life, fragrant plants, hula stories, and even volcanoes, we'll find hands-on adventure around every corner. Voyage to the Volcano and High Tide in Hawaii (both from the Magic School Bus Series) will be our main readers. (Allergy friendly options are available for the Hawaiian treats).

Leaders: Rebecca Bozarth, Jen Kirby

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: A smile and a pencil.

Cost: $31

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology

**Note: This is part one of a two semester course. Join us as we venture through the human body, starting at the cellular level! As we explore the different body systems, we will also learn about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Reading and notebooking will be completed at home with parental oversight. Class time will be spent doing the activities and projects, as well as reinforcing the reading and working on notebooking as time permits. This is Apologia’s most challenging elementary course and students will likely require assistance in reading the textbook if they are on the younger side or not strong readers.

Leaders: Tamberly Ahart, Heather Heinzel

Homework: Approximately 30 minutes daily, depending on student's reading and writing ability and the number of notebooking pages assigned by parents.

Materials to Bring: Prior to the first day of class, you must have the Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology textbook and a notebooking journal. You may purchase either the junior one or the regular one. We will provide suggested reading and notebooking schedules for both.

Cost: $18


This class is designed for girls that are upper elementary. Each week, the girls will get to know one another in this "Faithgirlz Club" as we read through the book, Faithgirlz Handbook by Suzanne Hadley. We will be discussing things like inner strength, inner beauty, being the true you, taking time for Christ, and more. There will be a weekly icebreaker, activity or craft, Bible reading and discussion, Bible verse memorization, and a "homework" assignment challenging the girls to serve others each week or taking time to reflect, recording thoughts and feelings. The hope of this class is for girls to get to know each other, to create lasting friendships, and to grow closer to God.

Leaders: Kimberly Porter, Kelly Whitfill

Homework: Homework is minimal and may include activities like Bible reading, acts of kindness, writing/journaling, etc.

Materials to Bring: Bible, pencil, & journal (optional).

Cost: $25

Taekwondo for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to be a martial arts expert like Chuck Norris? This class is a fun start to learning the basics of Taekwondo. We will practice forms, kicking, self-defense, simple sparring, and easy board breaking. If ready, the students will advance to the next belt by the end of the semester. We will work to build positive character traits such as respect, patience, perseverance, and confidence all from a Biblical perspective. The instructor will be SEEK student Dominick Burdine, who is currently training to test for his 3rd degree black belt in November 2017.

Leaders: Erica Burdine, Dominick Burdine

Homework: Students will be required to practice the what they learn in class. There will also be simple writing and memorization assignments that teach the fundamentals of Taekwondo. These philosophies will be Biblically based.

Materials to Bring: Students will be given Taekwondo pants, t-shirt, white belt, and a binder for homework at the first class. No additional materials are needed from home.

Cost: $33

The Rainbow Garden

Join us in discovering the secret garden at the end of the rainbow that seems to transform a little girl's life as she goes through a hardship of leaving her home. The Rainbow Garden is a story about how a lonely little girl who goes through struggles  is able to find joy. Patricia St. John paints wonderful pictures of a happy childhood and brings the little things of life into full excitement. Patricia St. John has an ability in her books to bring Christianity to life in a very understandable way.

Leaders: Jackie Coats, Courtney Winn

Homework: There will be optional homework each week pertaining to what we go over in class. Each homework assignment will give the students an opportunity to earn points for their team. The team that wins will get to decide what the end of class party will be.

Materials to Bring: The Rainbow Garden by Patricia St. John (which needs to be purchased prior to the first week of class), the provided folder, pencils, crayons/colored pencils, glue stick and scissors.

Cost: $25

Middle School Classes 11-13 Years Old

DOB: 10/16/2003-8/31/2006

1st Hour

Dramatic Expression

This class will cover multiple areas of drama instruction, including pantomime, improvisation, character development, projection, blocking, monologues, skits, acting out scenes from books & plays, etc. Students will build confidence and performance / public speaking skills. Devotions will be included to tie in Biblical principles. The goal of this class is to enable all students to develop the life skill of getting in front of any type of audience and effectively communicating.

Leader: Tiffany Schmidt

Homework: Script writing & memorization; students will present short prepared dramatic pieces in class.

Materials to Bring: Simple costumes & props as needed.

Cost: $20

Exploring Creation with General Science

*Note: This is a part one of a two-semester class. This course from Apologia includes a mixture of physical, life and earth science topics. It covers the history of science, scientific inquiry, experimental interpretation, applied science and technology, foundations of geology, fossil record, life, and the human body. This class will give a Christian view of science with lab experiments to be done in class. Parents will need to review chapter study guides with their child and will administer and grade tests. Also, some experiments will need to be started, finished or done at home periodically. We will give them a grade for their SEEK portion of the class, parents will be responsible for giving the final grade.

*Note: This class does not finish the book. Participants will be expected to complete some chapters at home after SEEK concludes in the spring.

Leaders: Linda Kent, Alice Hancock

Homework: Students will be required to complete reading assignments, chapter questions and lab reports for each chapter. This will require approximately 2-4 hours weekly at home. Parents will administer and grade tests at home. There will be some additional homework required over the SEEK Christmas break in order to complete the first half of the text.

Materials to Bring: The book Exploring Creation with General Science, and Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with General Science, both by Dr. Jay L. Wile (both must be second edition copies - 2008), and a 1-1/2 inch 3-ring binder with 16 dividers.

Cost: $15

United States History

*Note: This is part one of a two-semester course. No matter what you think about history, you are certain to see it in a new light! We will be using primary and secondary sources, and art. We will be learning with partners and in groups, having contests, using and coloring maps and more. Join our class to learn and have FUN with history!

Leaders: Julie Soderlund, Jessica Cantrell

Homework: Approximately 30 to 60 minutes a week. Homework will vary between answering questions, vocabulary words, fun mini projects, etc.

Materials to Bring: Pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, and glue sticks.

Cost: $19

2nd Hour

The Art of Architecture & Design

Join us as we take on the study of architecture and design! We will explore different styles of architecture and complete group and individual projects. Architects, designers, and planners draw on and encompass many different skills and fields of knowledge - math, engineering, history, planning, geography, art, design, and even writing. They must observe their environment, communicate, and work with others. We will look at major architectural styles and plan and design our own bedrooms, buildings, and cities. Activities will range from hands-on STEM games to art projects where we learn about one-point perspective drawing.

Leaders: Carey Randall, Kiersten Williams

Homework: Some art/design and writing that culminates in an end-of-semester project.

Materials to Bring: #2 Pencils, sharpener, quality colored pencils, 12-inch ruler, compass, protractor, box for supplies, roll of duct tape in color/design of choice.

Cost: $25

Throwback Thursday P.E.

Come join us as we go back to the good old days and play some throwback P.E. games! Kickball, dodge ball, flag football, field day games and much more. There will be fun for everyone! Bring your running shoes and get ready to go back in time!

Leaders: Julie Bailey, Linda Kent

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Running shoes and water bottle.

Cost: $8

World Geography

Geography - You'd be lost without it! Enhance your child's understanding of geography and cultures around the world. Our class will include fun hands on activities. Syllabus will be sent out at the beginning of the semester.

Leaders: Laura Simmons, Wendy Hall

Homework: Homework is minimal. 30-45 minutes per week. A small 1 page informational project on a region or country that has been discussed in class will be assigned. Periodically we will give map quizzes.

Materials to Bring: Student workbook (must be purchased), 3 ring binder, pen/pencil, and colored pencils.

Cost: $30

Middle and High School Combined Classes 11-18 Years Old

DOB: 10/16/1999-8/31/2006

1st Hour

Intermediate Sewing for Comfort

Learn intermediate sewing skills to advance beyond pillowcases and bags to simple clothing. We will make knit pj pants, a simple knit skirt, and a cloak. Learn skills such as measuring yourself to find your pattern size, laying out a pattern, sewing knit fabric, and making a drawstring and elastic waist. Prerequisites are Sew Much Fun, or a sewing class, or camp, or demonstrated ability to: (1) thread the machine the student is using, (2) run a bobbin, (3) change stitch length and width on the machine, and (4) sew a straight seam. Students are expected to review how to use their machine before first class and make certain the machine works properly.

Leaders: Joelle Harvill, Susan Schmidt

Homework: 30 minutes maximum. Students will be required to measure themselves, and look at their sewing machine manual to learn how to clean the bobbin area and oil the machine if required. Manuals can be found online if lost. There will be a class field trip to Joann’s near Colonial and students can purchase fabric at that time if they wish. Students may be required to finish easy seams or complete cutting out a pattern at home if not finished in class.

Materials to Bring: 3/4 or full size sewing machine (preferred) that has a zig-zag stitch ability, presser feet that come with machine, pencil, extra sewing machine needle, extra bobbins for your machine, box to hold notions, sharp sewing scissors, a pincushion, and spool of thread. Students will be required to purchase knit fabric for pajama pants (approximately 3 yards), skirt (approximately 2 yards), and a cloak (approximately 6-7 yards), plus thread. Fabric will run $4-10/yard based on your choice, sales, and coupons. Parents are recommended to sign-up for Joann’s teacher’s discount card for 15% discount on purchases (including sale items).  

Cost: $15

Introduction to Public Speaking

In this class, students will learn the basics of speech writing and speech delivery. Time will be spent exploring impromptu, extemporaneous, and manuscript deliveries. Students will prepare and deliver four speeches over the course of the semester - informative, demonstrative, persuasive, and special occasion. This class will cover nearly all of the material found in a full introductory speech class - high school credit can be assigned at parent's discretion.

Leaders: Danielle Norfleet, Jill Kilian

Homework: 30 to 60 minutes per day.

Materials to Bring: Notebook and pen or pencil.

Cost: $8

Worship Band

*Note: All students must be pre-approved by contacting the group leader Elizabeth Jackson at elizabethjackson777@yahoo.com by the end of the preference submission period in order to be eligible to register for the Worship Team. Previous team members are already pre-approved. Pre-approval for new participants does not guarantee registration – new band members will be registered in order of lottery number.  

**Also Note: There will be a pre-semester practice from 9-11am on August 10th, 2017 - the Thursday before fall semester begins.

Participants must arrive for practice at 8:15 am every Thursday for rehearsal before leading Group worship for SEEK opening assembly. This class provides instruction on how to use musical talents within a group setting. Each student must be proficient on their instrument or voice as there is not time for individual instruction during class.

Leaders: Elizabeth Jackson, Michelle Cotnoir

Homework: Students are required to practice upcoming music for worship 30 minutes per day.

Materials to Bring: Participants need a 3-ring binder with page protectors and music sheets (provided), a pencil, a Bible and an instrument, if applicable.

Cost: $13

Study Hall 1st Hour

Study hall is to be used for study ONLY. No computer games or handheld games of any kind are allowed.  Computers, Ipods or CD players will only be permitted if used for study purposes. Each student is to bring a book to read or other materials to study. This is not a social hour for talking or discussion. We encourage all SEEK participants to sign up for groups rather than study hall.

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring:Participants will need their study materials, such as books, paper and pencils/pens.

Cost: $0

2nd Hour

Art I/Art II

Art I/Art II will welcome both the beginner artist as well as the more advanced artist. If you are new to this class, we will start with the basics in learning the elements of art. This will include elements such as shape, form, texture, etc. Then we will move to pencil drawing, self-portraits and much more. If you are returning we will do a quick review of last semester and then dive into more advanced techniques. You will be doing some of the same things as the rest of the class but will learn new information and work on fine tuning your skills.

Leader: Brandy Dominick

Homework: Homework will vary from week to week depending on what we can finish in class.  Some weeks students may need to complete an art piece at home.

Materials to Bring: 11x14 sketch book, a set of drawing pencils and an eraser.

Cost: $18

Creativity Unleashed!

If you are looking for the most craftiest, most imaginative class at SEEK, you've found it! From sculpture to painting and everything in between, we'll take traditional art mediums and apply them to everyday items to make some fun, funky, and unique crafts. I know when you think "crafts" everyone always thinks girls, but there's nothing too "girlie" here, so creative guys can join in too. Come to Creativity Unleashed! We will CU there!

Leaders: Amy Anthony, Amy Redinger

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: Colored pencils, crayons, markers, a ruler and a decent pair of scissors.

Cost: $45

Exploring Creation with Physical Science

**Note: This is part one of a two-semester class. This course from Apologia discusses such topics as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, and astrophysics. This class will give a Christian view of science with lab experiments to be done in class.

*Parents will need to review chapter study guides with their child. Also, some experiments will need to be started, finished or done at home periodically. Participants may be expected to complete some chapters at home during winter break.

The textbook is the only requirement for this class, however, all of the tests and answers for tests and study guides are in the Solutions and Tests booklet and it is highly recommended. We will not be using the Student notebook.

Leaders: Gus Carey, Johnny Thornton

Homework: For each chapter in the textbook, students will be required to read, answer questions, complete study guide questions, complete tests and type up lab reports. Most chapters will take two weeks to complete. This will require about 1½-2½ hours of work weekly.

Materials to Bring: Apologia: Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd Edition Textbook; Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with Physical Science 2nd Edition, both by Dr. Jay Wile. Writing utensil and note paper.

Cost: $28

Study Hall 2nd Hour

Study hall is to be used for study ONLY. No computer games or handheld games of any kind are allowed.  Computers, Ipods or CD players will only be permitted if used for study purposes. Each student is to bring a book to read or other materials to study. This is not a social hour for talking or discussion. We encourage all SEEK participants to sign up for groups rather than study hall.

Homework: None

Materials to Bring: Participants will need their study materials, such as books, paper and pencils/pens.

Cost: $0

High School Classes 14-18 Years Old

DOB: 10/16/1999-10/15/2003

1st Hour

Apologia Biology

**Note: This is part one of a two-semester class. This class is a rigorous college-preparatory course that provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides the student with a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, microscopy, dissection, ecosystems, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, and evolutionary theory and its weaknesses. In-class labs and investigations provide opportunities to develop laboratory skills, such as careful observation and interpretation of data. Parents will be required to grade study guide questions, occasionally proctor tests, and supervise the work of 2 modules over the winter break. Teachers will grade labs and tests, and administer most tests.

Leaders: Lauren Wells, Amanda Collins

Homework: A minimum of 30 min to 1 hour of homework each day.

Materials to Bring: Apologia Biology text and a 3-ring binder with dividers. Occasionally, we will ask students to bring household items for experiments.

Cost: $23

The Stories of God

**Note: This is part one of a two-semester class. We tend to learn about God and Christianity systematically, considering one topic at a time, such as the nature of God, salvation, the nature of spiritual growth, etc. This class will approach God, and God's relationship with man, from a different direction, focusing on the stories of God as told in the Scriptures. Beginning in Genesis, we will consider the interactions between God and man in context, learning what we can about theology from each one. The entire class, designed to be taken across two semesters, will end up covering a wide scope of Christian thought in many areas traditionally studied in theology, but will do so in a way that God himself often used, through narratives, which are easier to understand and remember than a more systematic "bare facts" approach. The material covered here is developed in a way closer to a seminary, rather than high school or college class. The teaching method will engage with a number of Evangelical positions, rather than teaching a specific position is "right." The overall plan is to give students the material and resources to think through the various issues with the guidance of their parents.

Leaders: Russ White, Lori White

Homework: To be arranged if the parent would like to make this a class for credit.

Materials to Bring: Bible, materials to take notes.

Cost: $3

What Color Is Your Parachute?

Join us for a highly interactive book study that is all about your future! This book is meant for high schoolers (and college students) to help find the perfect majors and careers. The exercises sift through a lot of information to make personal interests more concrete and to bring them in line with talents and gifts. It's about pulling together passions for people, animals, things, or ideas and tying them to ideal work and community environments. Also included is information on better affording college, should higher education be the chosen route. This class/book is meant to be completed multiple times so that choices can be fine-tuned or completely revamped as life experiences allow for more mature decision making.

Leaders: Sonya Goddard, Brandie Upshaw

Homework: There will be roughly 30 minutes per week of homework. The class is interactive and is based on the work completed before attending each class.

Materials to Bring: What Color Is Your Parachute? for Teens, Third Edition, 3-ring binder with dividers and paper, pens/pencils.

Cost: $3

2nd Hour

Friendly Chemistry

**Note this part one of a two-semester course. Preferably, students should have completed Algebra 1.

Friendly Chemistry is a high school credit Chemistry course. It is designed to focus on the knowledge and skills high school students need to be successful in college. The student will acquire this information in a hands-on manner, focusing on mastery of key concepts rather than broad general knowledge. This class is progressive, in that each chapter builds on the previous chapter. Therefore, students will need to stay up-to-date with assignments throughout the year. We will do some labs at SEEK but the majority of the labs will be virtual the first semester. In the second semester, we will meet one day outside of SEEK for a lab field trip in the Spring.  

Leaders: Tina Otto, Shalon Lenfestey

Homework: There will be weekly reading assignments, practice exercises and test(s). This work will take about 2-3 hours a week. Parents will be expected to proctor weekly exams (we will correct). Over the Winter break (January) there will be review assignments.

Materials to Bring: Friendly Chemistry Student Textbook ($50 New), Exploring the World of Chemistry by Tiner ($13 New), calculator, pencil, big eraser and dry-erase marker.

Cost: $13

SAT Math: Review and Strategies for Success

Whether math is all Greek to you, or you are hoping to earn a perfect 800, scoring higher on the SAT is possible when you combine targeted math practice with great test-taking strategies. Each week we will cover several math topics students will encounter on the new SAT as well as share tips on how to play the game of the SAT and win. The last few classes will include tests taken in a simulated testing environment and review of any concepts that were missed. This course covers the general math portion of the SAT, not the Math 1 or 2 Subject Test. Prerequisites: Students should have at least completed Algebra I and Geometry and be taking Algebra II, preferably trigonometry.

Leaders: Tracy Benfield, Alicia Gordon

Homework: Weekly homework will be suggested and encouraged, but will not be checked.

Materials to Bring: Top 50 Skills for a Top Score: SAT Math 2nd edition by Brian Leaf, #2 pencils, binder with notebook paper, strongly recommend a graphing calculator such as a TI-83+ or TI-84+.

Cost: $11

Throwback P.E. Games

Each week your high schooler will enjoy cardio warm up exercises and old fashioned PE games that focus on group oriented activities, such as kickball, capture the flag, and dodge ball. The last day we will enjoy a field day with fun activities like three-legged race, tug of war, sack race, hula-hoop ring toss, water balloon toss, etc.

Leaders: Jacqueline Cavitt, Julie Burtram

Homework: None.

Materials to Bring: A water bottle, gym shoes and workout clothing.

Cost: $16